Cross-Docking with 50+ dock doors

At Delve Freight Solutions We have the capacity to meet all of your cross-docking demands thanks to our warehouse management systems, 24/7/365 manned patrolling security, 50+ dock doors, and 2 facilities around Kansas City with bond, excise, and sufferance licences. We provide third-party warehousing services to clients in Missouri who are bringing in or taking out merchandise. Your inventory will always be optimised thanks to our trans-loading capabilities. Our facilities are situated in prime areas, just a short distance from rail yards.

Benefits Of Cross Docking Solutions

Companies can save storage expenses, cut delivery lead times, and improve order fill rates with the help of our cross docking services

  • Drop the cost of distribution: By more than 50% with regard to the cross-docked products.
  • Lower the cost of running the facility: Simply said, cross dock facilities are less expensive to run than full-fledged distribution facilities.
  • Cut back on stock: Large safety stockpiles are not necessary if supply volume and timing can be accurately controlled to match demand.
  • lower the cost of transportation: Consolidated truckload shipments replace expensive LTL as the preferred route of transportation since they are quicker.

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